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This year, the Gaia International Film Festival will be upgraded with lots of  activities and sub-programs

“The cuisine of a society is the language into which it unconsciously translates its structure”, says Claude Lévi-Strauss; food products, their production or search, their transformation: all these represent the history, culture, territories, ultimately the identity of peoples.

Gaia International Film Festival is the place to talk about food and its territories, societies and peoples, traditions and memory, culture …
A Festival that aims to promote the territorial identities of the whole world and to enhance their cultures and typicality through the cinematic narration of food and wine traditions.
At the same time, the Festival aims to promote and enhance the talents of national and international independent cinema to allow them a fruitful exchange of experiences, direct comparison with professionals in the sector and the expansion of skills, as well as to increase the possibility of making themselves known from a wider audience.

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Enjoy the dozens of films and activities at the Gaia International Film Festival including workshops, cooking shows, tastings and much more!

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