“The cuisine of a society is the language into which it unconsciously translates its structure”, says Claude Lévi-Strauss; food products, their production or search, their transformation: all these represent the history, culture, territories, ultimately the identity of peoples.


1. GAIA – STORIES OF LANDS AND FOOD is an annual event that aims to promote the territorial identities of the whole world and to enhance their cultures and typicality through the cinematographic narration of food and wine traditions.
Gaia International Film Festival is the place to talk about food and its territories, societies and peoples, traditions and memory, culture …
At the same time, the Festival wants to promote and enhance the talents of national and international independent cinema to allow them a fruitful exchange of experiences, direct comparison with professionals in the sector and the expansion of skills, as well as to increase the possibility of making themselves known. from a wider audience.

2. The Festival will be held from the 24th to the 26th June 2022 in Italy, a territory with a millenary wine and food tradition, and strongly suited from a tourist point of view, in a surprise location (follow us to discover it).

3. The competition is open to all producers/authors (Societies, Associations, Schools and individual authors), hereinafter referred to as “author” or “authors”.
Individuals, professionals and non-professionals, must have completed eighteen years of age at the time of registering their work. Works created by minors can be registered by those who exercise their parental authority.
Each author can participate in the competition with more than one work (with separate entries).
Works not in Italian language must be subtitled in English or Italian.

4. Only short films with a maximum duration of 30 minutes and advertising spots with a maximum duration of one minute, shot in any format, belonging to any cinematographic genre, which are pertinent to the themes of the various sections of the Festival, can be entered into the competition.

5. All submitted films must have been completed after January 1st, 2019.

6. The competition is divided into four sections:

Food through the narration of the territorial identities in which it is sought, produced, transformed and the relationship of companies with production, research and transformation of food products; peoples, traditions, memory, culture … awareness of the fragility of the planet and the need to preserve its balance through responsible individual and collective behaviors in the use of food resources.
Competitive section open to short films (up to 30′) from all over the world, not produced before 2019, complying with the theme of the section.
Food and wine tourism, a new way of traveling to know and understand other cultures through an experience of tasting the typical foods and drinks of the different territories.
Competitive section open to short films (up to 30′) from all over the world, not produced before 2019, complying with the theme of the section.
And Pluribus Unus – Unity and plurality together, this is the magical mix of Italian “taste”.
A sedimentation and a slow evolution of ancient knowledge and traditions have created the amazing richness and diversity that today characterizes the taste, the cuisine, the Italian food. The identity of a nation, its eight thousand municipalities, its language and its dialects, its histories, its products, its people.
Competitive section open to short films (up to 30′) from all over the world, not produced before 2019, complying with the theme of the section.
d. FOOD & WINE BRAND SPOT, the story of food and wine through short movies
The commercials are now recognized as real cinematographic works. This competitive section is open to advertising agencies, youtubers / bloggers from all over the world for audiovisual works, in the format of the spot, with a maximum duration of 60”, not produced before 2019, that advertise the brand of a company in the Food and Wine sectors or, through them, a specific territory.

7. Participation in the Festival is subject to the following registration and deadline dates
• Opening date: July 24, 2021
• Regular deadline: January 31, 2022
• Notification date: April 15, 2022
The Festival reserves the right to delete a film if the eligibility requirements are not met.

8. Registration can be done exclusively online through the FilmFreeway platform at https://filmfreeway.com/gaiaff, the Clickforfestivals platform at https://www.clickforfestivals.com/gaia-international-film-festival or the Festhome platform at https://filmmakers.festhome.com/f/6771/0 and must be completed by creating a free account (with the same email address) on the partner site https://www.bestgusto.com under penalty of exclusion of the work from the selection phase.

9. By registering the work, the author (producer, distributor or other party who submits films to the Festival) declares to be the owner of all rights of use and guarantee they are legally authorised to do so. The author declares that the contents of the work do not violate the applicable laws and that the work does not contain defamatory content. In any case, the author shall indemnify and hold harmless Associazione Anthipodi from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered. The author is responsible for any rights protection of the work and the payment of the relative performance rights in case of use of repertoire music created by third parties.

10. The works sent for selection will not be returned and will be part of the Catalog of the Anthipodi Association – Gaia International Film Festival.

11. The Artistic Director of the Festival will coordinate the selection of the submitted works by unquestionably establishing the films and spots admitted to the official selection.
No compensation will be paid to the selected authors.

12. The authors admitted to the official selection, previously notified by the Festival organization, must, under penalty of exclusion from the Competition, send as soon as possible to Associazione Anthipodi, either electronically, to info@gaiafilmfestival.it, or by mail to address Via Antonio Malaspina 11, 73100 Lecce, Italia:
• the entry form duly filled, dated and signed;
• this regulation dated and signed;
• photocopy of the identity document;
• screening copy of the work in DVD (DVD –R / PAL) or BRD (Blu Ray Disk / PAL) format;
• the trailer for max 60″ (allowed file formats: MPEG2, mpeg3, mpeg4, AVI, MOV);
• synopsis of the film with relative technical sheet;
• director’s biofilmography;
• artistic and technical cast;
• photo of the director (jpeg format, resolution 300 dpi);
• two photographs of the scene of the film (jpeg format, resolution 300 dpi);
• dialogue list with time code;
• any poster or other advertising material relating to the submitted film, if available.
Photos, stills, promotional images, trailer and promotional text will be integrated into event promotional material. The photos will be used in the catalogue and in the press for promotional purposes. Such use is deemed authorized free of charge.
The screening copy must be sent to Associazione Anthipodi by its rights holder (at his/her charge) 30 days before event opens. Unless otherwise agreed, screening copies of selected films sent from non-European Union countries should be labelled “No commercial value. For cultural purposes only”
The DVD/Blu-ray screening copies and digital files of films screened at Gaia International Film Festival will not be returned. Any copyright owners agree to leave the films in the archives of Anthipodi – Gaia for the sole purpose of research, cataloguing, as well as with the goal of promoting them and recommending them to other festivals or events. The archives will be kept in a dedicated storage unit.
The films that are not selected will not be returned.
The Organization does not assume any responsibility for any theft, damage or loss that the screening copy may suffer from the moment of arrival to the moment of the public event.
The selected films cannot be withdrawn from the festival.
The Rules and Regulations and the entry form can be downloaded from the website www.gaiafilmfestival.it.

13. The Organizing Committee of the Gaia International Film Festival appoints a jury made up of producers, buyers and personalities from cinema and culture.
The vote of the President of the Jury will count double in the event of a tie.
The organizing committee of the Gaia International Film Festival will support the Jury with the exclusive function of assisting in matters of regulations and practices. The decisions of the Jury are final and indisputable.
The finalist works will be judged by the Jury of the competition, which will announce the outcome during the final event.
All Festival prizes will be awarded only in the presence of the winners or by their delegates.
The authors of all the selected films undertake to use the Gaia International Film Festival selection logo.

14. The Jury of the competition will award the following prizes:

1. Gaia Award for the best film on FOOD, TERRITORIES AND SOCIETY;
2. Bestgusto experience Award for the best film on FOOD AND WINE TOURISM;
3. Best Gusto Award for the best ITALIAN TASTE Film;
4. Gaia Blu Apple Award for the best FOOD & WINE BRAND SPOT.

The authors of the winning films undertake to use the Gaia International Film Festival logo relating to the prize won.

15. The jury, on its own unquestionable judgment, may decide not to award any prize to the authors of the films in each section. The jury can also decide on the assignment of cash prizes to the winning works and, after agreement with the Organizing Committee, establish the amount.

16. The Authors shall authorize the projection of its films entered at the festival, in institutes of primary and secondary education for didactic use, and also for cultural initiatives and for purposes of promotion of the Festival itself.
The Festival Management also reserves the right to use, free of charge, extracts of a maximum duration of 60” of the selected works, the photos and all the material received, for promotional purposes (via press or multimedia).
Other different use will be in compliance with the regulations in force on the subject of copyright, prior authorization.

17. The Direction of the Festival can take any useful decision in relation to matters not covered by this Regulation.

18. The request for admission to the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of the present Regulation.
The Director of the Gaia International Film Festival reserves the right to judge any case not provided for by these Regulations, and may derogate from the Regulations in justified and motivated cases.
For any dispute arising out of the use of the filmic works, will be the jurisdiction of Lecce (LE).
In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation of any article contained in these Regulations, the original Italian version will prevail.

19. The authors, by sending their films/spots, authorize the Anthipodi Association for the purposes of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 (GDPR) on privacy to the processing of personal data and to use your name, address and photo for uses related to the event and to give unconditional consent to the use of personal data for all initiatives related to the event.
We inform you that the privacy law provides, for example, the right to know the nature and type of data in our possession, to be able to request its integration or correction, as well as to be able to exercise, at any time, the right to object to the processing upon receipt of communications via e-mail, with a consequent request for deletion of data.
The data controller is the Anthipodi Cultural Association, based in Lecce, via Antonio Malaspina 11, to which it is possible to contact for any information by e-mail: info@anthipodi.it

20. By registering for the competition, each individual author is responsible for the content of his/her work. The author also declares and guarantees that the rights of the work, in its entirety, are his/her property and that they do not infringe the rights of third parties, such as other authors, subjects portrayed, entitled persons, music, etc.

Gaia 2021/2022 Regolamento/Regulations Ita/Eng

Gaia 2021/2022 Entry form Ita/Eng

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The Festival will be held from the 24th to the 26th June 2022

The Festival will take place in Italy, a territory with a millenary wine and food tradition, and strongly suited from a tourist point of view, in a surprise location (follow us to discover it)

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